Life goes on-linen tunic, box model, organic linen

A comfortable, wide and well-descending knitted tunic made of organic linen. Comfortable light and airy on top.

Joy and joy amid everyday worries with this fun linen tunic, the pattern of which was designed by Olanna. The sweater is made in Finland. This beautiful sweater brings comfort during Korona.


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Joy in everyday life

At the age of 6, Olanna drew a cheerful drawing that ended up on the side of grandma's fridge to cheer us up. Now, in the midst of this desperating coronaade, we wanted to produce a little boost in everyday life by making this nice composition a nice and relaxed linen tint. The tunic is a loose and lightweight, comfortable, carefree grip.

Picture drawn on paper

Why we chose linen

We have been making knitwear made of merino wool for many years. We wanted to choose another material for the summer. We were thinking about cotton at first, but we were not very enthusiastic about it because of the problems it caused nature. Already in the 1990s we made knitwear from linen to Maridress. Knitting linen is not very easy. Linen is durable as a material, but it is a rigid fiber with a weak bending resistance. Linen also wrinkles quite sensitively as fabric. The structure of the knitting is different from the fabric and therefore does not wrinkle so easily. Linen feels cool in hot weather and in a cool place it warms up nicely. Linen is similar to cotton in its chemical composition, but it is more porous, which makes it better absorb moisture and dries quickly. Flax is not allergenic, it is antibacterial, it is dirt-repellent and easy to shake. It doesn't pile like a knitting. It also does not prepare electronically, thus maintaining its descent in all circumstances.

New bonding solutions to celebrate 40 years of knitting

We got excited about linen again and have now developed new kinds of bonds to bring out the best qualities of linen.  The knitting of this linen tunic is light and at the same time straightened. It is possible to draw nicely drawing patterns on its surface. Loose tunic is a well-descending knit that is comfortable to wear. Thanks to the excellent moisture resistance of linen, it gives a pleasant experience to the comfort of its liking.

Knitting tuniting instructions

How to treat your linen untone  

Linen is a natural material that likes ventilation. You might want to ventilate it several times. You can wash this linen knit in the washing machine with a 40 degree fine wash. It is advisable to keep the sweater in the wash upright to keep the seams better. Dry it at the level, adjusted to its dimensions. If the product twists ing in the wash, it is advisable to rectify it back into its shape. Flax knit is wet treated during preparation. It prevents the product from shrinking at first wash. In the first washes, some lint and possibly surface colour may be removed from the product. This should be taken into account when selecting other claims for the same wash. You often hear it said that linen just gets better in use. This is absolutely true and well maintained, this product will remain as good as new for a long time.

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2 reviews for Life continues-linen tunic, box model, organic cotton

  1. Markku

    Beautiful product

  2. Lauriina

    The order went excellently and the parcel arrived in the local post office quickly! Pellavatunika fully lived up to my expectations and is wonderfully light and soft on top. Thank you!

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