Linum usitatissimum is an annual fibre and oilseed plant less than one metre high. Flax belongs to the Linaceae family, which includes about 300 species around the world. Flax is one of the oldest crops in the world. It is supposed to originate in the Caucasus and is known to have been cultivated already in the Stone Age. The ancient Greeks and ancient Arabs also knew the medicinal properties of the plant. In Finland, the first signs of flax cultivation date at least to the Bronze Age, i.e. around 1500-500 AAA. The cultivation of flax was at its highest in finland in the 18th century, but with the appearance of synthetic fibres, cultivation almost completely ceased. However, the cultivation of flax has gradually begun to gain regain popularity, although it is still relatively low. In 2017, the area under flax in Finland was estimated at 1,200 hectares, comprising approximately 5 per cent of the total area under cultivation. Separate varieties of flax have been processed for the production of seeds and fibres.

The linen features breathability, beautiful gloss and strength, but poor bending resistance and wrinkleresistance. Linen is used for towels and bathrobes due to good moisture absorbency, tablecloths due to gloss and dirt repellentness, embroidery fabrics, warp threads for strength, as well as various interior and clothing textiles. Flax stalks are made of highly durable textile fibre and linen textiles have a unique antibacterial property, which is why hospital textiles are also made.

Linen is treated as a clothing textile, washing in loose water at 60 or 40 degrees apart from the others, as it wrinkles easily and can be filled with lint and surface colour. Cold debossing gives a beautiful shine. Almonds are generally flax. Ironing takes place from the wrong side through a damp cloth at a maximum of 200 degrees.

As a sweater, linen does not wrinkle as easily as woven fabric. Our knitwear is wet-treated, so they no longer shrink at first wash. The knit can also be machine washed with a 40 degree gentle program. Please note that a little lint may come out of the knit in the wash.

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