Leaf-linen blouse with kimono sand


This linen sweater is made of organic linen. It is a Finnish sweater that we have prepared ourselves.

The leaf pattern is made with a bandage, which combines the lightness of the knitting with a clearly drawing pattern pattern. The pleasant properties of linen complement the whole.



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Measure table


Length of manhusta

51 53 55 57 59 61 63

Chest circumference

 96 100 104 108 112 116 120

Width from cuff to cuff

68 70 72 74 76 78 80

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Neat drawing in textured pattern

Spring has been the source of inspiration for this Magazine model. Its lightness and neat drawing is based on the knitting technique we have created, which has been developed over the years and now we have made it work in linen.  This knitting solution has required us to have a long development. The aim has been to create a pattern pattern, in which the beautifully drawing pattern knit is also light and descending. The most important thing for us has been to develop a product that is to give a pleasant experience to its carrier and at the same time is something uniquely beautiful.

Individuality of manufacturing

We were inspired by the possibility that a very small knitting system is also capable of high processing when making knitwear. We are able to make the finished product from yarn. In practice, it means that all the designs we manufacture are unique and that the same designs are not found elsewhere. In the manufacture of fabric clothing, a very small manufacturer is not able to achieve this, because in most cases it is necessary to satisfy someone else's fabrics. If this is to be exclusive, the amounts must be large.  We offer a variety of colours for this model as well. It allows you to choose the right option for your taste, where you can combine the sweater in a personal way for you to highlight your own individual personality. As a small manufacturer, we can offer such benefits because the manufacturing kits are never very large.

Linen in knitting

The weak bending resistance and delicate wrinkle resistance of linen pose challenges for its knitting. We think we have managed to find solutions to this that we have been able to bring out the best qualities of linen in this sweater. When knitted, linen does not wrinkle as delicately as linen fabric and it can also be light and descending. In this linen blouse, these best qualities of linen are well presented.


This sweater is made of organic linen made in Italy. We value transparency and accountability. We manufacture the product from the yarn itself into a finished product and know where the yarn comes from.


Knitting sweater care instructions

How to wash this linen sweater

You can wash this linen sweater in a 40 degree subtle machine wash, upright turn. However, it is worth noting that especially in the first wash, the knitting can leave a little lint and in bright colours a little surface color, so you should consider which other clothes it is possible to wash it with. Dry it at the level, set to its dimensions. If the blouse is twisted during washing, straighten it when you lay it dry. The product has been wet under gone during manufacture to prevent its shrinkage in the first wash. Take care of this great product well and make it stay of high quality for a long time. Linen only heals with age if it is kept and treated according to its value.

Immediately after washing, the linen feels a little hard, but soon it becomes pleasantly soft again.

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