Giraffe linen dress, box model, organic linen


The pattern of the Giraffe linen dress has been patterned by a giraffe.

Thanks to its excellent moisture resistance, the knitting dress feels comfortable on the skin during the summer, but its surprising warmth on the other hand makes it comfortable even in colder weather. It's worth experiencing this luxurious feel of linen.



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Length of manhusta

86 88 90 92 94 96 98

Chest circumference

100 104 108 112 116 120 124

Sleeve length from collar to cuff

42 44 46 48 50 52 54

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Giraffe linen dress

Finnish linen dress made of 100% linen, which is made of organic linen.

The pattern of the Giraffe linen dress has been given its motif by giraffe. The knitting is specially developed for this model. Actually, it's the result of a fairly long development. We have tried knitting techniques suitable for linen. Through a number of failures and successes, we have finally found a satisfactory way of dealing with linen yarn for this Giraffe linen knit so that we can be satisfied with its outcome. This product is lightweight, descends appropriately. You can choose from a variety of options that suit you.

How linen behaves in knitting

Flax features include breathability, beautiful shine and strength, but poor bending resistance and creasing. Everyone is aware of the wrinkles of the fabrics, but it is worth noting that the product made by knitting does not wrinkle as easily. Poor bending duration causes extra problems for knitting, but we have managed to develop methods to manage this problem. Knitted linen has often been seen as a smooth knitting that is easier to prepare, but flax is also suitable for a different kind of knitting, as long as the related problems can be solved. This linen dress brings out the good properties of flax in a great way. Thanks to its excellent moisture absorpment ability, the knitting dress feels comfortable on the skin during the summer, but its surprising warmth on the other hand makes it pleasant even in colder weather. It is worth experiencing this luxurious feel of linen.

Flax and nature

Flax is one of the oldest crops in the world. It is supposed to originate in the Caucasus and is known to have been cultivated already in the Stone Age. Flax cultivation peaked in Finland in the 18th century, but with the appearance of man-made fibres, cultivation almost completely ceased. However, the cultivation of flax has gradually started to gain popularity again, although it is still relatively low in Finland. In the 1990s, we used linen grown domestically to make flax knitwear for Marimekko. Nowadays it is not possible to get linen yarn from Finland, but hopefully that time will come. Our yarn manufacturer is in Italy. It is an old traditional flax yarn manufacturer that has taken good account of nature-friendlyness in all its production.

Knitting dress care instructions

How to wash a linen dress

Wikipedia has reported on the washing of flax: " Linen is treated as clothing textiles, washing in loose water at 60 or 40 degrees separately from others, as it wrinkles easily and can be loosened with fluff and surface colour." These are good instructions, but in our experience, the product can also be washed on the machine with others, as long as the possible loosening of the lint is taken into account. It is worth washing the product in the right direction to keep the seams in the dress better. Linen is a durable material and many people only know it improves in washes. It is worth taking care of this fine product carefully to ensure its longevity. It is also advisable to ventilate the linen dress several times.

Lint is removed from the linen during washing, which is why we recommend washing it apart. Immediately after washing, the linen feels a little hard, but soon it becomes pleasantly soft again.

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