Mosaic linen blouse with kimonos

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The product is pleasant 100% linen. More information about linen can be found here.


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Body length596163656769
Width from cuff to cuff616365676971


Mosaic sweater made of organic pellet

The good properties of linen are well reflected in this sweater. The excellent moisture absorption capacity of linen gives the product a cool feel with hot air, but it is warm in a cool place. Linen is similar in composition to cotton, but its more porous structure breathes better. Flax is a good choice for nature, as it saves groundwater while thriving in dry-and-dry conditions without requiring extra water water.



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2 reviews for Mosaic Linen Blouse kimonoohiha

  1. Markku

    This product is pleasantly light. Great lyration of the good qualities of linen

  2. Woman from Turku

    Beautiful color!

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