Flowers 60 Vest


We do not make large quantities of products in advance, but always produce them according to demand. Currently Flowers products have a delivery time of about two weeks.

Dimensions in size M length 60.  Chest approx. 104 cm

There are xs-xl the difference in length between sizes is 2 cm and the circumference is 4 cm.

If you wish for a size that differs from this, please contact us and we will consider together whether we can grant your wish.





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Design Kaislakerttu Lehtovaara

The product is manufactured in Finland, Lieto. The material is 100% merino wool.

Dimensions: Length and chest

XXL 66 cm. 112 cm

XL 64 cm, 108 cm

L 62 cm, 104 cm

M 60 cm, 100 cm

S 58 cm, 96 cm

XS 56 cm, 92 cm

The product is washed by hand, moist and applied to the surface to dry.

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Flowers color

v3 white, v7 black, v8 blue

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