Etgraf knitwear

Patterns in a new shape!

Marja-Riitta and Mikko tell us a little about the background story associated with these sweaters:

"Etgraf started its operations in 1991 under the name Rifetraf.

The operation started in Houtskar, archipelago sea. At that time, it was

we woolly sweaters for sale in Kalevala Koru and Artisan

Helsinki, PiikkoPirra in Turku, as well as hand and

in stores of the Finnish Association of Art and Crafts in different parts of Finland.

We returned to Helsinki in 1996. We had three.

for a year, the office store Nyman's Legacy house,

Eerikinkatu 15.

After we shut down, the knitting patterns we designed were left behind.

a couple of dozen years to wait for their new time.

We have now taken out our knitting patterns, which we designed

In the '90s in Houtskar. The sea surrounding it was the

source: storms, eagles and swans.

We have partnered with Tuoriniemi Dream Oy,

whose creative way of producting design brings our patterns here

to 31 December 20

Etgraf 1991

Marja-Riitta Bottas and Mikko Aimo-Koivisto


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